Behind The Design | Come And Bake It

If you live in certain parts of the country, then you've likely seen cars adorned with "Come And Take It" stickers that look something like this.

We thought there was room for improvement in this area and we wanted to present a new alternative that appeals to more Americans and anyone in this world who thinks gun advocates have gone just a little too far, often at the expense of the peaceful society we once knew.

From there, "Come And Bake It" was born.  The goal of the slogan and design are to present a peaceful alternative activity that makes society stronger and avoids the appeal to fear. On the same day we posted this "Behind The Design" page, we read that 2019 was the year of the gun (the same was said about other years in the last decade). Maybe we would all be better off baking in 2020 so that looking back next year we can know that it was the year of finding peace through good food.